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Our terms and conditions

Terms and Condition


Clients/customers who are hiring us for their requirements needs to agree with the following terms and conditions listed below. These are our standard terms and conditions and please read them carefully, if you have any queries regarding this please contact us.


As a customer you have to agree that you would defend, indemnify harmless from claims, demands, losses, physical injuries, costs, attorney fees claims and expenses made by third parties against Designosoft, its employees, affiliates and representatives arising out of your content, services provided by you, products provided by you alleging on infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights or copyrights of the third parties

Privacy Statement

The information's you share with will remain 100 percent confidential and we guarantee you that we will never share or sell these information's to third parties

Payment Terms

We require 50 percent advance from the total fee agreed by the clients, the project time line begins and we start working on your project after receiving the 50 percent advance from you. The pending 50 percent of the payment would be immediately due once you are reasonably satisfied and approve our work before uploading the website into your server.

Payment Refund Policy

If the client needs to terminate the service at the start of the project where no work is commenced at our part, we would deduct 40 percent of advance as termination fees and return balance amount via Cheque within 15 days of termination notice.

Once we are in the middle of the project and if the client asks for the termination of service we would calculate the man hours spend on the project and if it exceeds the advance amount which client paid, client needs to pay the balance amount within 15 days invoiced to them. If the work processed less than the advance amount, balance amount would be refunded to client within 15 days of termination.

Once we complete the website design, an Invoice would be generated for the project and if the client rejects the website or he/she no longer needs the website, there is no exception for this they need to pay the balance payment invoiced to them.

Permission and Copyright

Users who visit strictly should not copy; use the text, image, template, concepts and code from without prior written permissions from Designosoft. All materials like image, code, text, contents, concepts embedded in is copyright material

We Designosoft reserve the rights to include our link at the bottom of your website designed or developed by us, as developer's credit, we also may show case your website designed by us in our portfolio

Termination of Service

Client must forward a detail email in requesting the termination of our service. We would forward an invoice for the work completed to date and the amount exceeds the advance the client needs to settle the amount in full within the 15 days of Invoice send.

Web Design Work Acceptance

We will not accept work orders to design/develop MLM, Adult, Gambling, Ponzi schemes, money laundering, Fake Forex, Adult toys, Fraud, Spammy, Trojans, Hackers, Online scams, spreading falsehood, Hatred and Religious hatred websites. We hold all rights to immediately terminate our service contract when we come to know that the client uses our services to do the above mention services.


We will not Host any illegal websites, websites selling illegal stuffs, Adult Stuffs, Websites with Trojans or malware, Websites spreading religious hatred, Religious offensive, hatred, Spammy and Adult websites and if we found them hosted in our web servers we reserve the rights to immediately terminate their service and cancel their agreements without any prior notice.

Hosting Payment Terms

Clients who signs up their hosting accounts needs to pay the 1 year price in 100 percent advance.

Client Website Hosting Issues

If the client has their own hosting partners, it is clients responsibilities to ensure that the client communicates with their current hosting partners and fix up the issues rises on technologies requirements, Language requirements, Database issues, Open source requirements, Latest software issues and Mod Rewrite issues. Client has to consult with us to make sure the right technology or server is purchased to host their web applications


Zero tolerance on Spams, if our hosting team receives complaint from other users that you are using our servers for sending unsolicited spam emails to other users, we reserved the rights to suspend your hosting account without any notifications.

Domain names

Designosoft purchase domain on behalf of the clients from resellers in US. We would forward a notification via the registered email to remind about your domain expiry date. Client needs to keep track of the domain expiry date and pay in advance to avoid suspension, late fees or domain lost. We would not be responsible if you lost your domain by not paying your domain renewal charges in advance.

Error Fixing Bugs

Once the project is finalized and shifted to client's server, if any bugs or error found within 15 days of delivery, we would fix them for free of cost. If the errors or bugs reported after 15 days our standard hourly price would be billed.

Governing Law

By using our services, you agree to submit to binding arbitration, If any disputes arises out of our services or products delivered by Designosoft would be solved under Coimbatore Jurisdictions only.

Back Up

We will not take back up of your database or your website code unless or until you sign up a maintenance contract for doing so. You cannot hold Designosoft responsible if you loss your vital information, important files, applications. Website code, database or data's due to server failure or malfunction of the hosting server.

Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

Before forwarding the materials like contents, images, logos, scripts and trademarks for designing your website, you need to check them for copyright infringements before supplying to us to include into your website. You must indemnify Designosoft and hold us harmless from any legal claims arising out of your materials or website.

Browser Compatibility

Before delivering a project we promptly test the website in all leading and latest browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We cannot guarantee you that the website would work the same when the browsers release their latest upgrades and when the client request us to work on their website to make it compatible to the latest release, Designosoft would charge you our standard hourly price to make your website compatible for the latest releases.

Feed Back from Clients

It is the responsibility of the client to forward the feed back of our work immediately, If the feed back or suggestions is delayed from the client the project time line would exceed.

Ecommerce Web Applications

We reserved all the rights for our Custom Ecommerce Applications and copying, editing of our source code is completely against our policies.

Additional Functions or Features

Any additional features or functions which is added by the client in between the project development would be billed separately

Changes in Terms and Conditions

We Designosoft reserve the rights to add, edit or delete to the above mention terms and conditions without any notice.

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