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content management solutions

Custom Content Management Solutions in Coimbatore

Content management solutions in Coimbatore

Want to edit, delete add your contents, products, product specifications and product images in your website without the help of the webmasters, with little computer knowledge then Content Management System (CMS) is best choice for your small and mid size business.

Custom Content Management System

Designosoft offers you 100 percent customised content manage system to maintain your business efficiently and easily. A full blown website content management (WCM) system can help you update the content yourself without any coding or html knowledge. If you are planning to go for a website where all information must be updated regularly and you have little application knowledge, you better can choose the Web Content Management systems. Where you can edit, delete and add contents and pages with ease.

Our full custom website content management systems take the work out of managing your website! We understand that fast and efficient content management is central to the long-term success and viability of your business. Because every business needs to update their products, products images and specifications of your products time to time to be in competitive market and Designosoft under stand this and we provide custom content management systems where you can update products, products images, products specifications and your current news and events dynamically with a little computer knowledge.

We designosoft have more than eight years solid experience in building customised and secured content management systems for small, mid and corporate's of all sizes. We believe that the single most important activity, when planning a CMS is to identify our customers company's goals and requirements, before building an integrated CMS from our expert side we ask you several questions that gives us an idea and the purpose of your requirements and then our final product gives you all the features you require to stay ahead of your competition

Our Customised Content Management Solutions


We Designosoft can build and design additional features into the systems important to your business set-up. Our systems cover all the surface content of your site, as well as dealing with the site code, page file names and extensions. Our website content management solutions start from a single page to thousands and thousands of pages.

  • The content management systems allow you for easy upgrade and feature additions.
  • These systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection giving a new found freedom to website owners.

Save Money & Time when you outsource your projects to Designosoft

Our content management systems save money, time, energy and staff. Above all, our CMS can help solve your business challenges, today, tomorrow - and for the future.

Stay one step ahead of your competition, with Designosoft content management system. Contact us, today, for further information on our comprehensive content management systems.

Who needs Web content management systems?


If your website requires constant changes of contents and regular photo updates and daily news you can go for the content management systems. You don't need to for anyone just login into your admin panel with a secured user name and password and straight away you can change the contents and images, update today's news, all this without knowing any coding or html, just copy paste from your local drive, easy isn't.

Benefits of CMS

  • IT is an open secret that Search engine loves contents and when you update contents using our custom content management system with fresh contents, it will help your SEO immensely. Search engines rank your website better than your competitors.
  • When your Traffic increases automatically your business develops.
  • Better control of your website
  • Reduces maintenance cost

Using our CMS allows you to:

  • Upload files for download by your users
  • Edit text on many pages
  • Add/Edit/Remove items from a product database
  • Add/Edit/Remove item descriptions
  • Upload images or photos
  • Organize content into categories
  • Add/Edit/Delete entirely new pages
  • Add/Edit/Delete user accounts
  • Update graphs
  • Demographics
  • Sales Tables
  • Calculations

Open Source Content Management System

We offer Open source content management system customisation services to manage your content better, we customise most popular open source content management like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Open source customisation is cheap and offers wide range of benefits.

  • WordPress Customisation
  • Joomla Customisation
  • OS Commerce Customisation
  • Drupal Customisation
  • Ex publish Customisation
  • Magento Customisation
  • Mambo Customisation
  • Phpbb Customisation
For your queries on custom Content management systems and open source content management system customisation please do contact us at or call us at +91 98430 59955