Why should I choose Android platform for my Mobile Application Development?

Why should I choose Android platform for my Mobile Application Development?

In today’s scenario, mobile internet has become cheaper thanks to Jio, More than seventy percent of people holding Android mobile phones in Coimbatore and the list is growing rapidly. So it is wiser to design and develop Android mobile applications to reach out the masses. Android is dominating the mobile application environment with more and more people are attracted toward it. Let us see what keeps them attracted towards it.

People viewing websites in the Mobile phone in Coimbatore have seen a steep rise in these couple of months If you watch the trend, Android mobile phones are selling better and researchers say that the trend has no sign of weakening in coming days so the future is Android. So develop an Android App immediately if you want to sell your products and services for the new generation of Coimbatoreans who are embracing technology in no time.

Open Source Environment

Android is Googles brain child and it is an open source. So it is free to use and experiment, Android developers share their knowledge and innovative ideas in open platform and this encourages the growth. Android Mobile phones are selling like hot cakes in India, Because of the user-friendly operating system environment, the users are growing day by day.  It is a smart strategy to market some thing which majority likes the same thing with Android Platforms too. Easier and faster to learn Android than any platforms available today.

Easier to publish in Google Play

It is much much easier to set up an account in Google Play with one off payment of Twenty Five Dollars. Easier for beginners to experiment their APPs and experience the difference.

Testing your Android APP is easy

Android Apps can be Tested on multiple devices. Android SDK is professionally developed and all tools included and offered in a bundle. So it is easy for the beginners to try them.

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