How to design a search engine friendly website

How to design a search engine friendly website?

While designing a Website you have to keep two Visitors, C’s in mind. One is Search Engine crawler and the other is your Potential client (human). Think like a user, You need to have the right balance of contents for the crawlers and customers. Search engines bring in the customers and remember the customers buys your services or products so you cannot ignore any. We at Designosoft found the right balance to increase traffic as well as increase the sales by following White hat SEO practices. Before Designing any website we analyze the target segments, products, competitors, contents, business goals and customer views to design a business friendly website. We have more than fifteen years of solid experience in designing and promoting the business of all kinds to customers starting from Afganistan to United states of America.

Nowadays website owners are facing two problems with websites they are

  • Great looking website but no traffic and sales
  • Huge traffic but no sales

Great looking website but no sales

It is true that even if you own a great looking website it is not that you will make good sales out of your website. Designing a business friendly website is a science and you need to follow the international marketing structure to get maximum results out of your website. There is a lot of psychology involved when a customer takes a decision to buy some thing from your website. So stick to the rules, use the technology to identify the best working strategy. Great looking websites are made to please you and your visitors visually. But forget the real importance of sales and getting the traffic to visit your website, for that to happen you need the support of search engines because search engines can send you a good amount of traffic and potential buyers to your website. When search engines rank your website higher in their search pages for relevant keywords you will get traffic and If your website is strategically designed to convert these traffic into business then only your goal of a successful business website is reached.

Solution: Choose the best company to design your company website and Search engine marketing.

Huge traffic but no sales

Your site might be getting huge traffic and filling the bandwidth of but no sales or less than expected why? Because your site might not be user friendly and when search engines drive traffic to your website and when the visitor comes to your virtual shop and feels uncomfortable with your web designs and your product are not displayed correctly and if your website does not serve the purpose of converting the hits into sales then some thing is wrong with your website designs.

An E Commerce website must be designed in such a way that the visitor has to purchase the product from you, for this to happen you need a strong design team to plan a strategy and present the image of your product in such that sale is done. You need to leave a good impression on the minds of the visitors

Solution: Design a good looking website for the visitor

Some useful tips for Successful Websites

  • Content is always king with search engines so write fresh SEO friendly contents for your website
  • Check for the broken links
  • Mobile Compatability
  • Tablet Compatability
  • Responsive website
  • Fast loading in Mobile
  • Create a xml site map
  • Link exchange with higher page rank websites, yes this is a difficult thing but you can start now and then build it from there
  • Links
  • Easy navigation
  • No pop ups
  • Less graphics
  • Avoid frames
  • Minimum flash
  • Use smart keywords
  • Keep the links simple
  • It is easy to copy content from your competitor’s website and paste in yours, it is unethical and search engines will penalize your website for this.
  • Always use alt text for images
  • Use keywords in anchor text
  • Avoid flashy scripts

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