Some points to remember While Choosing colors to design your website

Some colors make you feel fresh, and some colors make you feel joy and some colours make you feel lost, some colour looks professional and some don’t. You have to be watchful and careful while choosing your main color themes, a combination for your web layouts. Though there are millions of colours available to us only 10 million colours are visible to human eyes and with these colours you can create graphical wonders. Once it is visually appealing it has the chance to attract your target segments. Once you attract your target segment and it is the business. Every Color has its own strength and weakness and uses them smartly to enhance the look and feel to pep up the show. We in Designosoft use the color smartly to promote your business websites to look professional as well as creatively

Usage of colours in websites

Usage of colours in websites separates experienced designers from inexperienced designers, only through experience and hours and hours of hard work will tell you how to use a combination of colours in a professional website. Most professionals use two or three colours while designing their web pages, to make it look uniform and aesthetic. One is dominant colour and other is a supporting colour to the dominant colour (e.g) blue and gray. Blue plays a dominant role and gray supports blue.

All successful website used colours intelligently to attract visitors. Colours can be used to attract, divert and distract the users from a website. So use colors wisely.

Colours and their psychological impacts and some traditional belief

Green Colour

Green is colour of nature. It is one of my favorite colours. In the US the dark green colour is associated with money. It is used for creating calmness and relaxed website, it is the friendliest colour for eyes. It is meant for wealth and eco-friendly websites

Blue Colour

Most corporate and business website is designed in blue colour, it gives a cool look to your website. Blue is linked with calm, professional, stability, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, strength and harmony. It can be combined with so many supporting colours. Blue is also called masculine colour because it is largely accepted by males.

Black Colour

Black gives a cool and rich look to your website. What ever colour combined with black gives richness, and makes the other colour brighter. The black colour is used as a background in intros to add effect. Black colour symbolizes mystery and power. Black is associated in US and INDIA as the colour sorrow while in china it associated with happiness. Using too much of black colour slow down the website speed. Black can be used in the photo gallery or gallery because it makes the other colour brighter and stand out.

Orange Colour

Orange is a vibrant colour, colour of creativity, it is a mixture of red and yellow so it carries the properties and attributes of both the colours. It denotes warm, happiness and energy. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain produces an invigorating effect and stimulates mental activities, That is why we see so many corporates use orange in their offices. Orange has the high visibility point so you use it in the websites where you need to grab the attention of the visitors.

Yellow Colour

Yellow is the color of brightness and sunshine it is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Yellow commands attention so you can use yellow colour in the website which requires attention.

Red Colour

Red is considered to be a warm colour, red is the symbol of high energy and colour of aggression, it is used to get attention from the viewers for a particular topic or news. In India red is the colour of sacred. If too much of bright red is used, it is difficult for the user to read the contents and research shows that watching bright red colours strains the eyes. Black and white are great supporting colour for red.

White Colour

White is the colour of perfect ness white is also associated with light innocence, open, and purity. White is the most popular background colour.