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Search Engine optimisation Services

Why choose for search engine optimisation services?

Why choose for search engine optimization while other marketing sources are there?

Because the latest figures show that 83% of people are using the search engine to find the information's. If they are not satisfied 79% would conduct search using a different keyword on the same search engine this shows they are adamant to get the satisfied results using their preferred search engine

Nearly 49 percent of people search using multiple keywords, 26% uses just one keyword and are satisfied with those results. 15% uses web directory and 5% percentage type question to find out the results. These results if you are top on the search engines you will be benefited hugely.

95% of the traffic comes from the top 30 positioning websites, that too top 10 sites gets 80% of traffic more than of 11-30 resulted websites this result shows people are satisfied with top ranked websites, major chunk of the business goes there. So there is rush to get the top spot in the major search engines, to achieve this you need a professional hand to design and maintain your website and glide over the tide to take you to the top. We Design o soft are the perfect match for optimizing your website in search engines contact us at