Now, who is a SEO expert
Posted on 19-08-2008

Who is an SEO Expert

My website is not Opening in BSNL or Airtel ISP Internet Connection
Posted on 08-05-2012

My website is not Opening in BSNL or Airtel ISP Internet Connection

We have seen this question asked in end numbers of public forums and blogs. We have also  faced similar problems with our own customers too. They call up and say that the website is not opening in their computer or laptop using BSNL or Airtel ISP,  yes there might be a DNS problem, it is easy to solve, i can tell you and Google has come with a Google public DNS. Details are copied and pasted from the Google website. We have tested it personally and it working....

ECommerce Website or Shopping Cart Website Designing
Posted on 07-07-2009

E commerce Website Designing or Shopping Cart Website Designing

Shopping Cart websites 
Why you need a professional website
Posted on 23-06-2008

Advantages of having a professional website

Today every one needs a website to express, show off, business, buy some thing or to sell something.  Websites have become an important business and marketing tool to all.It brings new clients and grows credibility and trust with the old clients.

It increases your company visibility to your customers and helps to earn credibility and trust.

It becomes your marketing guy who never sleeps 24/7 and brings in new customer day and night, even if you are in deep sleep you website works for you.


why you need to maintain your website
Posted on 14-08-2008

Topic : website-maintenance

Website Maintenance

After hosting their new website into the server, people just forget about their websites. They see it as one time investment and just forget about the website and think all is right and think that ah! Now we have a good website and it will take care about itself this is wrong thinking. A website can never update or maintain itself. You have to maintain your website or hire a webmaster like us to do it for you.

Is it that important to maintain your website?

Yes i....

Strategies before designing a website
Posted on 10-04-2008

Ah one fine morning you have decided that you need a website, but confused from where to start, how to start?

When you decided that you need a website, you have to be smart and plan your website properly to promote your business.Internet is a powerful medium where thousand and thousand of business happens. It has the magic wand to make you and your business boom in a short period.

Choosing a web design firm

It is the most important thing of all choosing a web design firm these days are difficult, at a single click yo....

Some points to remember While Choosing colors to design your website
Posted on 05-05-2008

Some points to remember While Choosing colors to design your website

Some colours makes you fresh, and some colours feel joy and some colours makes you feel lost some colour looks professional and some don’t.   You have to be watchful and careful while choosing your main color themes, combination for your web layouts.  Though there are millions of colours available to us only 10 million colours are visible to human eyes and with these colours you can create graphical wonders.

Usage of colours in websites

Usage o....

How to design a search engine friendly website
Posted on 14-07-2008

How to design a search engine friendly website?

While designing a Website you have to keep two C's in mind. The two types of visitors are one is of course it is your Potential client (human) or customer and the other is crawlers from search engines. You need to have the right balance between the crawlers and customers.  Yes of course the primary objective of a website is to satisfy the visitors and without Search engine support you don't receive traffic, so it is a tricky issue.  While designing a website your number one priority w....

Website Designing companies in India
Posted on 26-07-2008

Website Designing Companies in India

Designosoft is one of the leading website Designing companies in INDIA providing world class solutions in Website Designing, Website Development and E commerce Solutions. We started our humble beginning at Coimbatore and grown into one of the leading Website Designing Companies in India in the past Eight Years. Designosoft was Founded in the year 2003 to provide web designing solutions at an affordable cost. We have completed more than 700 World class Websites to clients all over the world....

Manage Contents of your Website Yourself:
Posted on 05-01-2009

I have to maintain the contents of my website myself but I am not technically qualified to do it what to do?

You can opt for Custom Content Management solutions or content management software's like joomla or Oscommerce. To attract new visitors you need attractive contents for updating new contents either you need to develop html or css codes.  And if you don't have an idea about html and coding you can opt for custom content management solutions. Where your entire website is properly structured and you can change the content of your website ....

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